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 David Hofhine, SANDANDave throwing soto-makikomi

I've been doing judo since 1986. My current rank is Sandan. I taught for the University of Wisconsin for 9 years and then at a private club, Jon Hind's Monkey Bar Gym, for 8 years after that.

David Hofhine and wife Toni in college
This is from way way back in college.  My then fiancee (now wife) Toni and I practicing judo at the UW judo class we taught together.

David Hofhine on TV
Me talking judo in prime time!  The local CBS affiliate did a really great feature story on our judo club that ended up airing on a couple of different news broadcasts.  More TV screen shots below.

2009 AAU National Judo Championships
Picture of my guys at the 41st annual AAU National Judo Championships. Shown left to right are Vanessa Angur (Ikkyu), Matt Marty (Shodan), Tim Freiberg (winner of a bronze medal and a promotion to Sankyu), Ellie Pengra (thumbs up!), Anders Angur (Shodan with silver medal in Seniors and Gold in Masters division), Joe Sanfilippo (Shodan), Jennifer Sanfilippo (Sandan).

2010 NAGA Champion
Two of my judo students at NAGA: 2010, Champion David J. Martin and James "Junior" Clark.  Junior has also won the Naga Championship in previous years.  Click on the above picture to see Junior do his Nage no Kata for his Shodan promotion.

AAU Nationals
The 40th Annual AAU National Judo Championships where our team competed.  Shown left to right are Cassandra Rivers-blaso (winner of the ADCC North American Trials Championship and 2 time Gold medalist at the Pan American Games), Jennifer Sanfilippo (3rd Dan), Thales Blaso (GOLD), James "Junior" Clark (GOLD and BRONZE), Matt Marty (Shodan), Sensei Jon Sanfilippo. Photo by ME!

Jes Sanfilippo and David Hofhine Double Gold at 2004 AAU National Championships
Jessica Sanfilippo and David Hofhine at the 39th Annual AAU National Judo Championships with gold times two!

Big air on TV
One of my students, State Judo Champion Dan Mensing, throwing some big air for the TV cameras.

Jen Sanfilippo TV
"It's more fun than a barrel of Monkeys!"  ;)

I've also had some articles published in American Judo Magazine.
Click on the following links to download PDF's of some issues containing my articles:

Judo 100 Years Ago by David S. Hofhine

Early Accounts of Judo Masters in Action by David S. Hofhine

Hane-goshi 1904
Picture from my article "Judo 100 Years Ago".

Casey Blaso vs Roxanne Modafferi
Casey Blaso from my gym putting the smack down on Roxanne Modafferi during her 2007 MMA  championship title bout. This fight went 5 rounds to a dubious split decision.
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