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David Hofhine's Japanese Art Sword Polishing News
This is the news update page for TOGISHI (sword polisher) David Hofhine. Click on SWORD POLISHING HOME link to go directly to my HOME page where you will find links to all other pages. Spam (blocked ISP address) and viruses are automatically blocked, so if you are not getting a response to your email, that is probably why.

To the left
is a great original water color samurai duck painting done for me by a good friend and customer. Big thanks!

  •  Get all of the latest news updates and pictures on my official facebook page.

  • PRICING  I've had to raise prices by about 7% for 2010.  This is the first price increase since the end of 2006.  This was primarily due to the dollar/yen exchange rate going down the tubes causing the price of polishing stones and supplies to go up about 80% in the last several years.  Also, I'm in my forties now and can only finish a limited number of blades per year and it is uncertain how many more years I will be able to keep at this very physically demanding profession, so the modest increase in rates.  This still leaves me with the lowest prices in the country for this level of work.

  • JUDO PHOTOS: Check out the new section featuring photos from a recent TV interview I did for my judo club.  There are also links where you can download some MPEG video files.

  • NEW OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD: The world record set by one of my blades has been finalized and officially certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Click the WORLD RECORD link for more information and pictures.

  • NEW SERVICES: After MANY requests from customers I have decided to add extra options to the basic finish polish. Finally the ability to get the dreaded "broken tip" fixed without having to wait or pay for a full polish. Cost is based on the amount of extra work needed. New services include:
    -Broken point fixing
    -Extra cleaning
    -Re-lacquering grooves

  • BLADE MAGAZINE: A polish I did on a prize winning tanto was featured on the cover of BLADE magazine. Check it out on my HOME page.

  • Check out the SELECTED READING section for samurai, judo, and jujitsu related excerpts from some very old and classic books.

  • WITCHBLADE GHOST SWORD: I worked as a technical adviser for this book which is based on the Witchblade movies, TV and comic series. The male lead character is an American sword polisher named "David Kopkind", go figure.  It is the story of NYPD homicide Detective Sara Pezzini, a serial killer, and the cursed Japanese sword that brought them together.  Hugely researched, chock-full of accurate names, dates, places and events from Japanese history.  The first printing of the full length novel Witchblade Ghost Sword by Eisner Award winning author, Mike Baron, is now sadly sold out!  I don't know if there will be a reprint. There is a big budget feature film due out next year, so who knows?  If you are desperate to read this now classic tome, contact me and I might be able to help you out.  Lots of fun!  Excellent reviews!

  • GHOST SWORD AUDIO BOOK:  Here is an audio version of the novel with chapters in mp3 format, read by a cheesy computer voice!  
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