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Kunihiro katana polished by David Hofhine

Japanese Sword Polishing Traditional Polisher David Hofhine

The Best Japanese sword polisher (togishi) will always have the longest sword polishing waiting list

Kawachi Daijo Fujiwara Shigesada katana

Currently about 1/4 of my annual work is redoing the recent work of other professional polishers/togishi.

See hundreds of swords and feedback from clients and fans around the world on my facebook page:

All blades featured on this website were polished exclusively by David Hofhine.

I've been polishing full time for over 30 years now, with several years of study and practice before that. I have tens of thousands more hours of experience and better results than most polishers currently working.  Many of my clients feel that my current work is better in both foundation and finish than they have been able to get from Japan.

I always take a minimalist approach to foundation polishing, always considering the long term well being of the sword as primary.  From the most humble and worn out blade to swords of significant historic and artistic merit, I always approach with the attitude of "wanting to do something great", the first question always being, what would I want done if it was mine. 

I work for many of the top collectors, published authors, dealers, major museums, sword show directors, JSS officers, etc.  I have clients around the world, but I am mostly working in the US right now due to the ever growing length of my wait list and the ever increasing hassle and risks of over seas shipping. 

I do everything myself.  No passing off blades to students, or apprentices, or sub-contractors. Progress can be slow, but the quality is worth the wait.

Other possibly interesting info.  I originally went to college on two graphic arts scholarships. Graduated magna cum laude from the University of Wisconsin.  I taught judo at a collegiate level for 17 years.  I also part time managed a very cool comic book shop for 14 years.

David Hofhine's polishing featured on the cover of Blade magazine

Kunihiro katana

David Hofhine judo

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Have your blades polished in the United States without the cost and danger of overseas shipping.  All costs and services are spelled out in writing before any work is done.  There are no hidden costs or "required extras".

All work is done by me personally, by hand, using traditional Japanese stones.  No passing off second rate student work at full price.

Please do not ship any blades without prior authorization.  An absolute minimum number of blades (usually just one or two unmounted and unpolished) are kept on hand to minimize liability.

PLEASE NOTE: the blades featured on this web site are not currently in my possession, do not belong to me, and are not for sale as far as I know.

I generally can't pick up the phone while I'm working.  E-mail for more information or for polishing reservations.  I get a lot of emails and it takes a while to sort through them all, so please be patient.  I do try to answer all contacts.  If you don't get a response, try the alternate email.  There's been an issue with client's emails being randomly blocked or deleted on occasion by the various email service providers.  There is a considerable waiting list so don't delay.  Impeccable references available upon request.

Fuyuhiro katate-uchi detail, Before and After by David Hofhine

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Feel free to contact me for more information at the following address:


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